EZ Stitch
At last, a unique kit that teaches anyone how to hand sew!

Whipped Running Stitch So you want to learn how to sew. The mechanics of sewing don't start with the up and down motion of a sewing machine using a lockstitch to plunge into fabric weighted down by a pressure foot. No, learning how to sew, as it has been for thousands of years, starts with the manipulation of a needle and thread! One should learn the "language" of sewing by first learning how to hand stitch.


Learning the primary stitches enables you to visualize what a machine stitch should look like when it's executed. It will also give you great eye-hand coordination, something you should really have before you start working with a sewing machine. Being able to discern quality work and communicate a sewing process is a very useful skill. Believe me, there will be times when having some knowledge of hand stitching will be required, Whether the project is a craft, home decorating, clothes construction and repair, and yes, even quilting. The proper way to learn any craft is to start with the fundamentals. Before you used a calculator to tally numbers, didn't you start by writing figures down with paper and pencil? Why then would anyone start sewing without having any idea of how to sew by hand?

Chain Stitch OK, this hand sewing business won't immediately start you out making that wonderful dress you've been dreaming about, but it will point you in the right direction! After learning these basic stitches, you can actually build upon your repertoire of stitches. Many advanced embroidery stitches will incorporate the basic stitches presented in this kit. If hand embroidery is not your calling, you can move onto sewing with a machine.

With the EZ Stitch Sampler, you will learn hand-stitching, the root of all sewing techniques.Children and adults will learn twelve basic hand sewing stitches by using three detailed samplers and independent projects. The instructions and sampler stitch patterns are printed on cotton fabric in full color.

Example: Running Stitch The completed samplers are not only beautiful, but are a useful reference for future sewing projects. The example to the right shows a section of the running stitch sampler, before starting (top) and after completion (bottom).

The samplers are ideal for 4H members and Girl Scouts earning a sewing merit badge. Home-schoolers might find that the kit satisfies a unit of study in the Consumer Sciences curriculum.

The kit can be used by right or left-handed sewers. The completed samplers are designed to be kept in 8 1/2 x 11 transparent sheet protectors; this allows the stitches to be viewed from the front or the back. The kit teaches the following stitches: Blanket Stitch Cross Stitch

You will also learn back, slip, and whip stitches.

Stitch Guide Example: Stitch Guide Besides the three cloth samplers, the kit includes detailed instructions; a 3-inch wooden embroidery hoop; and a practice stitch guide, bookmark project, and a sashiko patch that introduces quilting techniques (left). An example of a completed stitch guide is shown to the right.

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